How I Got 41,600 from SSS Maternity Benefit

“The more you know the less you pay.” This has been my mantra ever since I started MYFINANCEMD.  It is very much true since, from my first pregnancy, I didn’t know that there is such a thing like this that I can get a maternity benefit just by contributing to SSS.  And I paid the price of not knowing this during my first pregnancy. I did not get any benefits from SSS, just because I DID NOT KNOW.

Since knowing this vital piece of information I said to myself, this will not happen again.  The moment I knew I was pregnant for the 2nd time around, I immediately went to the nearest SSS branch and know what to do to get this maternity benefit.  I gathered all these information and after giving birth, I received a total of P41,600.00 from SSS.  Yehey!


There are 6 things you need to know and do to be able to avail this benefit and these are:

  1. Know if you are qualified to get a maternity benefit.

The qualification is: You have paid at least three (3) monthly contributions within the 12-month period immediately preceding the semester of her childbirth or miscarriage.

Huh?  Ano daw yun?  Let me break it to you gently.


Step 1: Know your EDC (Expected Date of Delivery).  This is from your Obstetrician or from your first ultrasound.

For example:

Your EDC is August 1, 2018.

Step 2: Strike out the quarter where your EDC falls, and the quarter before that.  The 2 quarters before that, will be the ones that will be included in the computation if you are qualified to receive a maternity benefit from SSS.

The green highlighted rows are the months you need to have contributed to SSS to be qualified; you need at least 3 out of 6.

3 out of 6 contributions will entitle you to minimum benefits.

6 out of 6 contributions will entitle you to maximum benefits.

If I were you, aim for the 6 months, especially if you are a voluntary contributor.

2. How much will be the maternity benefit?

This is the most important thing you need to know.  It is the money you will be receiving after birth.

Count the number of contributions you have or will contribute into.  (the ones in the green boxes above)

This is the formula:

Maximum Maternity Benefit: (6 months)

Daily Salary credit x 60 days = Normal Delivery

Daily Salary credit x 78 days = Caesarean Delivery


Minimum Maternity Benefit: (3 months)

(Daily Salary credit x 60 days)/2 = Normal Delivery

(Daily Salary credit x 78 days)/2 = Caesarean Delivery


Since I don’t want to make it hard for you, let me spoon feed it to you.  The only thing you need to know now is how much you’re contributing every month.  Look at the table below for your maternity benefit.

3. Once you have identified that you are qualified to get a maternity benefit and you already know how much you are getting, now you need to notify SSS that you are pregnant.

For voluntary contributors – Notify directly SSS by submitting MAT 1 – together with your first ultrasound (proof of pregnancy).

For employees – Notify SSS by submitting MAT 1 – together with your first ultrasound (proof of pregnancy) to your employer.

Download form here:  Maternity Notification/MAT

4. Continue contributing to SSS. If you can back pay the months you were not able to pay, then do it.  Usually, this can be done if you are a voluntary contributor. You can pay the months that you have not contributed as long as it is included in the quarter of the month you are still in.



It’s already December 2017 and you have not contributed to October and November.  If you are a voluntary contributor, you can pay the 1 quarter (October, November, and December) as long as you are still in December and as long as you are not yet past the deadline.  Pay the maximum contribution if you can, so you can avail the maximum benefit.


5. Once you gave birth, as soon as you can, submit your Maternity Reimbursement Form/MAT 2, along with other requirements then do so, so that the process of reimbursement will begin, which will be more or less 30 days from the day you submitted the requirements below.


For Voluntary contributors:


Present the following the original/certified true copy along with photocopies of the documents.  They will only get the photocopy but they will compare it with the original or certified true copy.

For Normal Delivery


For Caesarean Delivery

  • Child’s birth certificate duly registered with the LCR
  • Maternity Reimbursement Form/MAT 2,
  • Operating Room Record (ORR) (Certified True Copy) – get from hospital
  • Complete Obstetrical History (Original) – get from your OB
  • Discharged Summary Report (Certified True Copy) – get from hospital
  • Medical/Clinical Abstract (Certified True Copy) – get from hospital
  • Laboratory Reports (Certified True Copy) – get from hospital
  • SSS ID or 2 Valid IDs if no SSS ID
  • Deposit slip/Bank Book of your Bank (where you want them to deposit your benefit)


For employed:

Submit the MAT2 and other documents to your employer or as per instructions of your employer.


Once you have submitted the requirements above and the SSS accepted them, they will confirm and encode your information.  They will give you the summary of your maternity benefit and just wait for more or less 30 days to have your money deposited in your account.


That’s it.  Enjoy your maternity benefit.  If you ask me what I did to mine upon receiving the money? I started the education plan for my baby.  Since I believe the money is hers and not mine.  I got her first VUL policy for her education.  And why I did that?  Read more here:

Why VUL is the BEST INVESTMENT Vehicle for your Child’s Education

How to get more than 50% discount for your child’s College Tuition fee



MyFinanceMD has the vision of transforming other’s lives by teaching about the importance of Financial Education.  In the process of doing so, the first person who benefited in this is ME.  I was able to change my financial life by the knowledge I learned and I am sharing to you.  I hope you are learning a lot from me.  Should you need a Financial Consultant, don’t be shy to contact me, here!


For your Financial Health,

Dr. Pinky Intal


PS: If you are a government employee and you only have GSIS, do you know that you can still avail of this benefit, just voluntarily contribute to SSS.  

P.S.S: What if you were not able to get this benefit before, but you know you are contributing to SSS?  ANS:  You can avail this benefit before the child concern reaches his/her 10th birthday.  Ask the nearest SSS how to go about this.   You can avail up to 3 children.


Read more:

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5 thoughts on “How I Got 41,600 from SSS Maternity Benefit

  1. Joe

    hello po doc. ask ko lang po 10years na po ako sa sss maximum po ang contribution ko kung ittuloy po ako hangagang 60yrs. ako 14years from now makanano ang montly pensionn ko kung itutuloy total hulog 24years po. salamat po.

  2. Roselyn Gallego

    Pwede po kaya ko mag volunteer ng hulog? tapos huhulugan ko nlng po yung ibang month? pero wla pa po akong hulog sa sss ni isa d po kase nahulugan ng employer ko dati ni isa tpos ngaun wla po kong work? qualified po kaya kung huhulugan ko nlng yung ibang months?

  3. rachel ann caballero

    ask lng poh,28 months poh contribution koh. mgkano poh makukuha koh?

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